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Shell (TTSH)


Implement a Linux shell program named TTSH (short for Tiny Torero Shell). The shell program support the following:

  • Executing commands run in the foreground and background 

  • Exiting the shell with the built-in exit command.

  • Displaying a list of recently executed commands 

Caesar Cipher


  • This project mimics the Caesar cipher method for encoding messages

  • The method works by shifting each letter along the alphabet a specified number of times

Assignment Tracker


  • Created an assignment tracker mobile application that collects user input of homework assignments, quizzes, projects, and test deadlines and easily sorts by class, due date, and task completion

  • Utilize a native Android app built in Java through Android Studio with SQLite database as the main technical approach for users to interact with an underlying application and system visualization program

  • Used a case diagram and UML diagram in order to better understand, alter, maintain, or document information about the system

Phone Directory


  • Develop a Java program that maintains a list of names and phone numbers, or a phone directory

  • It also provides a user-friendly and menu-driven program for users

Collaborative Filtering Movie Recommendation System


Develop a system that gathers and codes all user comments for particular movies and then calculates an average rating score and highlights top-rated movies

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